Can't find the continue button in SDK manager !

This can be a stupid qustion, but I can’t find the ‘continue’ button in SDK Manager.

I want to upgrade jetson xavier to R32 L4T.

My host machine is ubnutu 16.04 64-bit.

I downloaded SDK manager from NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer

It should be on the bottom right. You might try it from another window manager like Unity or Gnome. It looks like it’s getting cropped off. Also, it may not work in Ubuntu 16. IIRC, 18.04 is the recommended version. You might consider upgrading.

I already tried panning the window by holding Alt key.

But didn’t find it.

How can I open it through another window manager like Unity or Gnome?

You can just sign out of your session (however you do that from your windows manager) to get to your display manager (login screen) and there should be a dropdown or option somewhere letting you choose your session environment. On GDM it looks like this:

If you’re using a different display manager it may look different. If you can’t find it, you can cross-grade your Ubuntu installation to ubuntu-gnome with “sudo apt install gnome-session”. Then, assuming you switched to gdm during that process, it’ll look like the above and you can select “GNOME” or if your system is more suited to it “GNOME on Wayland” to proceed. Generally, Wayland is a better pick, especially in 18.04. Once youre in Gnome, jut hit the super key (windows), type “sdk” and you should see SDK manager in the results. Otherwise, re-install it.

Again, unless you have a really good reason to stick with 16.04, you should probably upgrade to 18.04. It’s the newest LTS and a lot of things are improved, like support for third party hardware without having to either disable secure boot or manually sign your own kernel modules (which used to break with every kernel update).

Choose “Ubuntu with wayland” rather than “Ubuntu”… magically, a HUGE [CONTINUE>] button!