Cant get to work facemak NVIDIA-AI-IOT/face-mask-detection

Hello everyone!!

Im starting on the jetson plattform and i want to try the [facemask detection from Nvidia]( but i find my self a bit lost here hopefully i can find some help here, I have listed pretty much every single problem that i encounter after training the data set, please ask me if i was not very clear or if you need to know more. Thanks!!!

i cant find this file( that i am aware i need to find it)

  • Transfer model files (.etlt), if int8: calibration file (calibration.bin)

  • Use config files from /ds_configs/* $vi config_infer_primary_masknet.txt

    • Modify model and label paths: according to your directory locations

I need to modify this line ( tlt-encoded-model=/mnt/8c3f68c9-a08a-400b-8c80-99c5fee26a06/detectnet_v2_models/detectnet_4K-fddb-12/resnet18_RGB960_detector_fddb_12_int8.etlt ) with my directory location my directory location to that file is this (/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master/ds_config ) how will it look like?

  • Look for tlt-encoded-model, labelfile-path, model-engine-file, int8-calib-file\

(where do i look for this information?? and how do i modify the tresholds?)
Modify confidence_threshold, class-attributes according to training

  • Look for classifier-threshold, class-attrs

i could not find this files as well and most likely i wont know how to modify them
se deepstream_config files: $ vi deepstream_app_source1_masknet.txt

  • Modify model file and config file paths:
    • Look for model-engine-file, config-file under primary-gie

if it helps in anything here is my directory (/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master)

this is the command i used to train

python3 --kaggle-dataset-path “/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master”
–mafa-dataset-path “/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master/face-mask-detection-data/MAFA Dataset”
–fddb-dataset-path “/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master”
–widerface-dataset-path “/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master/face-mask-detection-data/Wider Face Dataset”
–kitti-base-path “/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master/face-mask-detection”
–category-limit 6000
–tlt-input-dims_width 500 \ (i dont know why i used 500 but it worked if anyone could explain as well ill be very grateful for it)
–tlt-input-dims_height 500
–train (here should i put a number? )

the output of training

Kaggle Dataset: Total Mask faces: 4154 and No-Mask faces:790
Total Mask Labelled:4154 and No-Mask Labelled:790
Directory Already Exists
Directory Already Exists
/home/nx/Downloads/face-mask-detection-master/data_utils/ RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in ubyte_scalars
bbox = [_bbox_label[0], _bbox_label[1], _bbox_label[0]+_bbox_label[2], _bbox_label[1]+_bbox_label[3]]
MAFA Dataset: Total Mask faces: 6000 and No-Mask faces:232
Total Mask Labelled:6000 and No-Mask Labelled:232

Final: Total Mask Labelled:6000
Total No-Mask Labelled:4621



Is this issue duplicate to the Cant get to work facemak NVIDIA-AI-IOT/face-mask-detection or for other issues?


Its a different one , i cant find the files on this one are yhey supposed to be generated downloaded ?

i still cant find where is it or how to do it. i have followed it each step and i still cant find those files.