Can't get water caustics to work in the 5.1 Caustics branch

I’ve been toying around with Nvidia’s UE caustic branch from version 4.27 for a while. I now switched to the 5.1 one. Mesh reflection and refraction caustics work just fine, however I can’t seemingly manage to get water caustics on SingleLayerWater materials to work. I ticked all the caustics related checkboxes in light sources, material, plane mesh the material is attached to, and post process.
Is it just bugged in UE 5.1? Or am I missing something?
If it works is there an example caustics project I can open on my machine?

Hi barnack, for single layer water material, please check use with water caustics flag and cast raytraced single layer water caustics flag. Thanks, in 5.1 only custom water body template from EPIC’s water plugin is supported. We fully supported the rest of water body template in NvRTX Caustics 5.2 since EPIC finally supported raytraced water body in version 5.2.