NvRtx and Volumetric cloud shadows

In NvRtx(UE 4.27) does it support Cloud Shadows to be casted on scene elements,such as a cloud shadow being casted onto the landscape?I have the “Cast Cloud Shadows” option enabled but no cloud shadows are visible anywhere in the scene.

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Are you using the NvRTX branch of UE 4.27? Did you check if your project correctly shows Cloud Shadows with mainline UE 4.27?

Did you use some RTX specific lights in the scene that should create the shadows? It might be that for raytraced lighting there are some restrictions with respect to shadow casting of volumetric clouds or similar. Maybe if you first try with default lighting to confirm it works?

Researching more it seems its on UE side of things and not on the NvRtx side of things

Thank you for the update!

If you find out exactly what it was, feel free to share here as well.


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