Can't install Maya Connector on Rocky Linux 8.6

I had some trouble installing Maya 2023 on CentOS Stream 8 and I came to Rocky Linux. But the connector is not installing.
the install output is:
Error occurred during installation of Autodesk Maya: Command failed: "/home/<user>/Documents/omniverse/maya-connector-103.3.0/"

Hello @ronaldmaymone! I’ve reached out to the development team to help answer your questions. Thanks for letting us know!

Thx for the reply! I’ll be watching for any news.

i have the same problem Rocky linux 8.5

did you fix it?

Unfortunately no. I went back on using Ubuntu for Isaac and another SO install to use Maya or other 3D editor, Windows if you prefer.
Now with Isaac 2022 for Windows maybe they both can exist in the same machine.
If you want you can try what is suggested here instead