Maya Connector error during the installation

I tried to install maya connector but without success, i uninstall maya2019 then reinstall it again and the same error happened Please help.
this is the error:
Error occurred during installation of Autodesk Maya: [023b1cac-aa15-472c-ab78-cae98f33b470] Cannot prepare file for download, the server has returned HTTP403 for signed URL h

can some one help

Hello @AhamdZ! We did have an outage that my have generated this issue. Could you please try installing the Connector again and let us know if you see the error? It will also help us out if you could attach a copy of your log files. zip and attach your full logs found here: C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

Also, which version of the Maya connector are you trying to install? (Latest version, as of today, is 102.4.0)