Can't run SDK Manager in hosts with low resolution screen, no scroll or "text-only" available

I am trying to run SDK Manager in a computer whose screen is 1024x768 and it displays only a partial screen, I cannot select the device. To make things worse, there is no scroll and I cannot access all selection screens (to select Jetson model, for instance).
I noticed this problem has been reported since August, 2020. Has NVIDIA fixed it ?
Is there an SDK Manager version (or option) that runs in “text only” mode ?
It seems that only the --offline option provides a text-only option but I would have to download the SDKs first (no SDK download option available)
OBS: Suggested workaround (using xrandr) didn’t work.

Yes, there is “text only” mode. Please see Command-Line Install :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation for the details.