Can't run sudo ./ from NVIDIA - INSTALLER, I don't have a NVIDIA - INSTALLER directory

Somehow in my newbie confusion I lost my NVIDIA-INSTALLER directory. I didn’t delete it, so I don’t why its gone or what was in there. Can somebody please post ./

I’m trying to follow this quick start:

I would have been nice if NVIDIA shipped everything ready to go, not a whole bunch of instructions which are overwhelming for a newbie.

The interesting thing about that installer directory is that it is just a non-modified L4T R19.2 “Driver Package”. Of that entire package, only the unpacking of the nVidia-specific files occurs, which does not even need the installer (and in fact the flash executable can only run on x86_64…that portion of the installer directory would require copy to a desktop Linux to work). So essentially you have an unmodified Ubuntu 14.04LTS and the nVidia-files are unpacked over it. Had you manually flashed R19.2, but skipped the script, you would have a stock JTK1 prior to installing those nVidia files.

If you flash R21.4 instead you’d be ahead of the game. Although there may be changes to the R21.4 sample rootfs, you should be able to use the same nVidia-specific files from R21.4 on your existing R19.2 (though I would strongly suggest just flashing R21.4). This URL has the R21.4 L4T:

If you unpack that on your x86_64 host, you’ll see a Linux_for_Tegra directory, and within this the subdirectory “nv_tegra”. What you would essentially be doing for the shortcut is to copy the nv_tegra files “config.tbz2”, “nvidia_drivers.tbz2”, and “nv_tools.tbz2” to the “/” directory of your Jetson (using sudo because it all requires root permissions). From that “/” directory:

# "sudo -s" gives you a root shell till done.
sudo -s
bunzip2 < config.tbz2 | tar xv
bunzip2 < nvidia_drivers.tbz2 | tar xv
bunzip2 < nv_tools.tbz2 | tar xv
# now exit the root shell.

If you really want to stick to the R19.x then you can download the same driver package for R19.3 (which was much better than R19.2, and R19.2 is not available):

Ok, thanks so much. I forged ahead, and eventually it worked.