Login instructions on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit Quick Start Guide not working

Having received a Jetson TX1 Developer Kit, I am following quick start guide instructions state the login credentials are Username:nvidia, Password:nvidia.

At the login prompt I enter nvidia as both the username and password and I get a Login incorrect error.

This is a brand new unit, straight out of the box. Ideas?

Does user/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” work? So far as I know the TX1 ships with L4T R23.1 which was before that account was added. The “nvidia”/“nvidia” is for later versions which you would have had to have flashed (the information you are seeing is probably for a newer release than the one the Jetson ships with).

FYI, on newer versions ubuntu/ubuntu also works.

Yes, ubuntu/ubuntu works for username/password. Thank you.

It worked for me as well. Geez.