Login instructions on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit Quick Start Guide not working

Having received a Jetson TX1 Developer Kit, I am following quick start guide instructions state the login credentials are Username:nvidia, Password:nvidia.

At the login prompt I enter nvidia as both the username and password and I get a Login incorrect error.

This is a brand new unit, straight out of the box. Ideas?

Does user/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” work? So far as I know the TX1 ships with L4T R23.1 which was before that account was added. The “nvidia”/“nvidia” is for later versions which you would have had to have flashed (the information you are seeing is probably for a newer release than the one the Jetson ships with).

FYI, on newer versions ubuntu/ubuntu also works.

Yes, ubuntu/ubuntu works for username/password. Thank you.

It worked for me as well. Geez.

But I can’t. even using nvidia/nvidia. nothing can work

The old “nvidia/nvidia” and older “ubuntu/ubuntu” no longer applies and accounts are created by the user on first boot. If you’ve forgotten the password, then you’ll either need to flash (erasing everything), or else clone, fix the clone, and then flash the clone (using the same L4T release to flash the clone as was used to originally create the clone).

Can you guide me how to flash jetson tx1?

Here are a couple of URLs. The L4T release is what actually gets flashed, the JetPack release is just the host PC side front end to flashing. A given L4T release is tied to a given JetPack release due to dependencies. These more or less go together, and are just two different views of the same thing (you can download through one of these):

The current L4T most recent release is R32.4.4. If you go to the JetPack 4.4.1 URL (which flashes R32.4.4), then you will find “FOR ANY JETSON DEVELOPER KIT”. This is the one which applies for a TX1.

You’ll need an Ubuntu 18.04 Linux host PC, and you will install the “.deb” file to that PC (adjust for a different file name if your release version differs):
sudo apt-get install sdkmanager_1.3.1-7110_amd64.deb

Once this is done, then as your regular user (not sudo), start the SDK Manager:

The GUI app should guide you through, but beware that many of the items can be checked or unchecked even though the GUI does not always make that obvious. You’d need to log in to the NVIDIA developer program, not as a partner. Same password as for logging in to forums.

The Jetson should be in recovery mode (hold down the recovery button either while starting power or resetting power…it is like a shift key on a keyboard, you don’t have to continue holding it down). Then use the micro-B USB cable to connect to the host PC. Once this is done you should see the recovery mode Jetson if you run this command from the Ubuntu PC:
lsusb -d 0955:7721

This means your flash can begin. I would skip installing anything to the host PC, and I would initially limit to only flashing with no extra package install. Less to fail. You can run SDKM at any later time and uncheck flash and add extra packages, or add content to the host PC. No need to flash every time.

You will want to have a monitor and keyboard connected to the Jetson during the flash. When actual flash completes the TX1 will reboot and go to a first boot setup to add a user account and set time zone (there used to be a default user/pass, but California law now forbids shipping with defaults for name/pass). Without the monitor and keyboard you won’t be able to set that up. There is an alternative to use serial console to do this.

Btw, this is just the most “convenient” way to do this. There are other command line ways which work from any Linux PC without requiring specifically Ubuntu (the Ubuntu requirement is part of the GUI, not the flash software itself). There are also ways of setting up name/pass prior to flash for a case of not having a monitor/keyboard available during the flash.

Do beware that flashing requires a lot of hard disk space on the PC. Basically, the entire eMMC content of the TX1 is being created on the PC, and then some smaller versions of that.