Screen freezes after I type in my correct password


I am having login problems with my Jetson TX1. I type in my correct password, but then the screen freezes before logging into my account. This happened after I attempted to re-flash/reset the TX1 and tried following this guide:

I reached step 3, “sudo ./ jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1”, and obtained some errors. I then restarted the computer, and I am having the trouble of logging in. Any help on how to fix this problem with logging in would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

The comments below assume you flashed on command line, not JetPack…

Did you do the “sudo ./” step (with sudo)? This may have an effect. Also, temp files are created during X login, if the disk space were full this might happen. Try setting max root partition size during the next flash:

sudo ./ <b>-S 14580MiB</b> jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

Also, be sure that when you unpack the sample rootfs that you use sudo.

I did do “sudo ./”. Next time, I will add in “sudo ./ -S 14580MiB jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1” for max partition size. However, right now I cannot do that because I cannot even login. Do you have any recommendations for how to fix the login issue?

Thank you for the help!

Flash does not require login…the Jetson could be completely empty of data and no installed software and flash will work. If the issue is that temp files cannot be created because the system is out of memory (i.e., disk space), then flash is your only way of solving it. You could find more information on the error if you use a serial console to watch things as they occur (serial console is always logged in). See:

How would I be able to flash the computer?

Embedded systems cannot self-install, a BIOS or UEFI style environment would be required for that (and embedded systems don’t have that). You have to flash with the help of a desktop PC x86_64 Linux system. The micro-B USB cable provided with the Jetson is used for that purpose (the Jetson is put in recovery mode by holding the recovery button down while powering up or resetting power…the flash software on the desktop PC can then manipulate the Jetson).

JetPack is a GUI and front end to flash and other software. You can use that…if you flash on command line (just flash without extras) here is some info:

You mentioned using before, and other than setting it to use a larger root partition with the “-S 14580MiB”, none of the above would be any different from steps you’ve already taken. Whatever error you got from this would be important to note here though…this might give information on what went wrong.

Are there any risks to flashing for the host system? The desktop I’m using to flash has important information on it, and I do not want to mess it up. I’m wondering if there are any precautionary measures I should take.

Thank you!

You never flash the host. The host runs software which understands a custom USB device. A Jetson in recovery mode is a custom USB device (which is why the software is called the driver package). JetPack has options to install software to the host, but the on command line does not have any ability to alter the host…it simply runs from the host. The Jetson itself can be safely put into recovery mode without any effects…the effects are from (and JetPack has the option to run for you). Manual use of has fewer requirements and less to go wrong, which is why I recommend it when you’re having troubles or want to limit to the minimum things required for flash.

JetPack itself installs to the host, but it is an ordinary program from the host’s point of view. Unless you tell JetPack to install extras on the host (such as nsight or CUDA or graphics drivers) it won’t change anything on the host, though it will use the host’s networking. flash on command line without GUI does not even use networking…it only uses USB to the micro-B USB connector on the Jetson (technically it is micro-OTG, but the cable used for Jetson in device mode is micro-B). I guess you could say the host acts as a surrogate BIOS to the Jetson.

Is there a method to flashing the TX1 to have Ubuntu 14.04 instead of Ubuntu 16.04? I need Ubuntu 14.04 trusty because I need to install ROS-indigo on the TX1.

Thank you

All of the last few releases have been Ubuntu 16.04. I think there are people here who have got ROS to work on 16.04, but it seems there were a lot of details to get it right. Someone else will have to comment on ROS on Ubuntu 16.04.

You would have to flash a much older L4T version if you want to go back to Ubuntu 14.04 on the Jetson. Those versions were not nearly as good as the current version, many things were fixed. However, if you still plan to do that, here is the archive of all of the older versions (I’m not sure which TX1 version was Ubuntu 14.04, probably R23.2…we’re now up to R24.2.1):