Log in error

I got log in loop. Although, I enter correct pass/ID but it failed to start session.

I read this page “http://elinux.org/Jetson/Cloning

but I can not understarnd. how to I can get ubuntu image.

I also reinstall jetpack 2.3.1 but it still remain past password/ID.

So I can not solve this error.

Sometimes if permissions were not preserved some functions will fail. One of those is sudo, and perhaps some of the login function. One reason this can happen is if the file system of the host is not a native Linux type, e.g., if you use a virtual machine and the underlying file system is NTFS, something odd like this would happen. Can you describe more about your flash host, and perhaps more details about exactly what the login failure text output is?

If you’ve tried to flash, then you won’t be able to clone the existing root partition. Flash overwrites the root partition.

Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t use a virtual machine. I just use JetPack for L4T 2.3 version. and I installed “SDL” library for demo.

I think this library make a problem in TX1.

For now, I found some image for TX1. I wll clone the bootloader. If I could solve my problem with this.

I will let you know.

how to resolve that error “could not find phandle”

How did you get this error? Was the system flashed and login fails? Have you modified the device tree?

What was modified in device tree, what was your starting device tree, and where did you install it?