no ~NVIDIA-INSTALLER to install nvcc

Hello all,
I cannot find the folder ~NVIDIA-INSTALLER on the Jetson due to something that must have been wrong before.
Therefore no nvcc is found ever when trying to run the samples code
from the GPU course.
Without this “NVIDIA-INSTALLER”, JetPack-L4 or anything else tried so
far doesn’t work out to install the CUDA environment.
How can I fix this? where to find it on NVIDIA websites? I haven’t found it so far.
Thank you.

The NVIDIA-INSALLER directory only applies to a new Jetson that just arrived. Basically the new Jetson has a full running Ubuntu Linux in it, but nVidia-specific files are separated until you run the script in that directory (this turns it into L4T and not just Ubuntu). In the case of flashing a new L4T the “” script does the same thing to the sample rootfs, and flash carries the changes over to the Jetson during flash.

So if you do not have that directory…which only matters on a brand new Jetson…simply flash with the most recent L4T (which is R21.4…if you use JetPack both of the two most recent versions have this, but be sure to select JTK1 instead of JTX1). If you wish to just flash, use R21.4 from here:

You’d get the driver package and the sample rootfs if not using JetPack.