Cant run the nvidia driver and Ubuntu 14.04 simulatously.

I have a problem. When I install the nvidia-319 driver I cannot use Ubuntu 14.04. What happens is the computer says it is running in low graphics mode and I can’t get into Ubuntu. However if I ‘ctrl-alt-F1’ and get onto the terminal I can run some of the cuda samples.

In order to get into Ubuntu I need to remove nvidia-319.

I have tried newer nvidia drivers but then I don’t have Ubuntu AND the samples don’t work. Not ideal.

Can anyone suggest a solution to the problem ?

My initial guess would be to use Ubuntu 12.04 but I’d rather not do that if possible.

I am using a Tesla k20c and I am install and removing the drivers as follows.

sudo apt-get install nvidia-319

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-*

What GPU are you using for display?

I am using a Tesla k20c

I have gotten the latest driver ‘nvidia-346’ working with the GPU but still cant get onto the ubuntu homepage

It doesn’t seem likely that you are using the K20c for display, as the K20c contains no display connectors:

I am not I am using an AMD GPU which was given to me in the PC. Do I need to use a different driver for the tesla k20c ??

OK you confused me, when I asked:

“What GPU are you using for display?”

And you said:

“I am using a Tesla k20c”

I would suggest trying the sequence I outlined here:

In the above writeup, where it refers to “K40” you should take that to mean your K20c

Sorry my bad. I am a bit clueless here. I will follow those steps and get back to you with the result.