Install Nvidia driver for Ubuntu 14.04 and crashes

Hi there,

I have ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop.I tried to install the privative drivers, NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.67, I downloaded it from the Nvidia website. I opened a shell (tty1) I run the .run with sudo permissions. I followed the installation wizard and it finished ok. I restarted my ubuntu, it appeared the login page ok but when I logged in, the desktop didn’t appers. You can only see the background picture with the mouse but just this, nothing else.
I uninstalled the nvidia driver, but the problem is still there. I think the installation changed some of the Xorg configuration files…
Somebody can help me?


Sorry for my English, but I’m not native speaker. :)


I have the similar problem, and i solved(?) the problem by removing and reinstalling ubuntu 14.04’ s nvidia-331 drivers and then restarting the system. But default drivers doesn’ t support CUDA so I think I will wait for new version of driver.

Sorry for my English too, but I’m not native speaker similar to you.