Can't use Intel Realsense d435 with Jetson tx2 due to updated L4T 32.2.0

How to use Intel Realsense D435 with Jetson TX2. After the latest Jetpack release all the tutorials on jetson hacks, etc have become outdated and the scripts to install Realsense SDK 2.0 do not work. The latest supported version we could find was for L4T 32.0.

Also can’t install librealsense2 which is a ros dependency to make realsense work with ros melodic morena.

Also we found a lot of tutorials for L4T 32.2 but for Jetson Nano. Can we use this to install on our Jetson TX2 or do we need to make any changes?

Hi electronics.marsroverman,

I’m not familiar with using RealSense camera, but hopefully other developers could share their thoughts.
Or you may try the tutorials for Jetson, they are both in the same L4T 32.2/Ubunto 18.04.

Hi kayccc,

Can I know which tutorials you are referring to? I cannot find any tutorials which support Jetson TX2 with L4T 32.2/Ubuntu 18.04.

I have the same problem. Trying to use Realsense D435 with Jetson TX2 and L4T 32.2/Ubuntu 18.04.

It worked for me with a previous version of L4T 28.2 installed by JetPack 3.2.

I am following the instruction from here:

I found this repo for l4t32.1 : but i don’t now how to modify it for use in l4t32.2