Need help with installing Intel realsense libraries onto TX2 with L4T 32.4.3


I am a newbie to Jetson TX2. I am trying to install Intel Realsense libraries and the realsense ROS for my T265 tracking camera. The Jetson Hacks webpage indicates that I need to build a new kernel for the TX2 before proceeding with the librealsense.
The Jetson Hacks webpage that explains the kernel building process is old and refers to L4T 27.1. The configuration for my TX2 are as follows:

L4T 32.4.3 [ JetPack 4.4 ]
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.140-tegra

The latest version of JetsonHacks for building the kernel is for L4T 32.3.1. The readme file in this github page clearly states that: The kernel source version must match the version of firmware flashed on the Jetson.

How do I get the required shell files for the L4T 32.4.3? Does this version need the kernel to be built?
Can I use the same scripts in the JetsonHacks as L4T 32.3.1?
Can I install librealsense without building the kernel?

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick response @Kangalow .

So far able have been to install realsense-viewer. However, had some issue with the T265 not able to transfer the frames after connecting. Investigating that before proceeding to rest of the steps.