How to get Intel RealSense SR300 working on TX2?


I was experimenting with Intel RealSense SR300 camera following and the doc and it seems that there is some compatibility issue between the kernel 4.4.15-tegra and the RealSense patches( and Everything compiles well and the patch is applied without any error but then the depth images acquired from the camera are corrupted.

However, the same camera works well on Jetson TX1 without any problem.

I wonder, if you have any advice to solve this issue?

You might look at what jetsonhacks has done. They patch the kernel for the realsense cameras and IIRC the SR300 is one they used.

jetsonhacks is the one that I was following. They have used R200 camera and their brunch does not work for SR300 (it was also reported by other people)

Hello! I am facing the same issue with SR300. Did you find a solution? Or anyone?

I got the depth working on SDK 2 and the SR300, but my RGB camera is a mess. This will get you further along: