Card on the server just drop sometimes, along with the notice 'No devices were found'

The RTX 3080 card can not be found in the server whose operation system is Ubuntu 18.04 lts.
We use it for molecular dynamics mainly.
There are some causes that I have considered.

Q1: The power of the battery was not enough.
A1: I have a 1000w battery.

Q2: The graphical memory is not enough.
A2: RTX 3080 have a 10G memory, and the molecular dynamics system usually use 700MB.

Q3: What about the driver version?
A3: The version is 460.91.03. For that the card is used for acedamic research and that driver is stable enough to my knowledge. We install that version on all our servers (all with at least one RTX 3080), and there are no specific rule when the card will miss. I uninstalled and installed the driver for several times. But the phenomenan just shows some time.

Q4: I have tried lspci | grep VGA
A4: I got the output06:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 2216 (rev a1)

I really appreciate helps from all of you. Thank you.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (593.1 KB)

Were you using cuQuantum when this happened? If not, have you posted this request/issue in other forums?