CentOS hangs after installing CUDA 7.5 + Nvidia 352 driver

I am having a very hard time getting the nvidia driver to work with CentOS 7. I have a GTX 960 which I run my display off of (I also have a GTX 720 which I just use to debug cuda apps but it is not connected to anything so I don’t think it matters). I installed it by downloading the rpm and running sudo yum install cuda. This installs both cuda and the driver. However when I reboot It hangs on the screen in the image bellow. If I then hit Ctrl + Alt + F2 and run sudo yum remove cuda nvidia-* and reboot I can get my low resolution display back. I have tried blacklisting and removing nouveau, but that does not seem to help.

Would you please boot the system by editing the boot (by pressing “e”) in GRUB menu and add “3 nomodeset” at the end of linuxefi line and share the results of the following commands?

  • lspci
  • ls /dev/nvidia*
  • more /var/log/Xorg.5.log