Certified drivers for quadro m5000 and maya 2015/2016?

Sorry for bumping here but as i see the answer history of the Professional Graphics and Rendering subforum i decided that i may have better chance to find a nvidia dev here.

The question is that im thinking in a quadro m5000 and upgrading my maya to 2015 or 2016 and in the autodesk page:


I dont see the m5000 listed as a certified Hardware options + drivers for maya 2015(and 2016 doesnt even exist as a option).

What is going on?

Quadro M5000 is pretty new, and was probably released after the autodesk maya 2016 requirements were published.

Autodesk controls what they list on their web pages, as well as which GPUs they list as supported.

This question is probably better directed to Autodesk.

It seems that it very likely is or will be a supported option in Maya 2016, whenever Autodesk chooses to publicize that:


AFAIK, current maya 2016 published GPU support is listed here:


Quadro M6000 is listed, but M5000 is not. Again, that question should probably be directed to Autodesk. perhaps they intend to release an update to that list.