Change Camera on Jetson TX2

I have done the object detection tutorial on and now I want to try detection with a personal camera. I use a camera that utilizes the gstreamer pipeline. My question is, how do I adjust the gstreamer pipeline in detectnet-camera? For example, how do I change the resolution of the camera? I read somewhere that I need to edit gstCamera.h and recompile. How do I recompile after I edit the height and width for resolution?

Hi dylan.w.chock, please see the note at the bottom of this section of the tutorial:

hello, I see that on one forum, some people are changing the DEFAULT_CAMERA to 0, some change it to 1, how do we know which on to change? I have the Logitech c920 as well. Do I set #define DEFAULT_CAMERA 0?

I tried 0 or 1 and both didn’t work. Thanks