Getting the e-con systems camera eCam20_CUTX2 to work with detectnet-camera?

Hi there,

I am having no success in trying to get the e-con System camera to work with the detectnet-camera application. I have changed the #DEFINE from -1 to 0 to indicate third party camera.

I have managed to get the camera to work using the demo program from e-con systems as well as the e-con systems gstreamer example. This camera uses UYVY format.

Not sure if anyone else has successfully gotten detectnet-camera working with an e-con system camera. If you have, would love to hear what’s required. (Or if you have other suggestions on how to proceed).

Thanks in advance.


jetson_inference use GStreamer to open the camera source.
Could you try to run this command on the console first?


thanks for the reply.

I spent a cozy afternoon with the GStreamer docs and figured it out. I reworked the GStreamer string and now all is well.

For anyone else interested, this is the change I made;

In line 351 of gstCamera.cpp (Jetpack 3.3 version);

ss << "v4l2src /dev/video" << mV4L2Device << " ! ";
ss << "video/x-raw, format=(string)UYVY, width=(int)" << mWidth;
ss << ", height=(int)" << mHeight;
ss << " ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw, formatRGB, width=(int)" << mWidth;
ss << ", height=(int)" << mHeight << ", ! appsink name=mysink";

(NOTE: I retyped that and didn’t copy/paste from the actual code, so hopefully no syntax errors in there).