Change Rectangle Light Default to 270 Degrees Rotate X

Maybe other people want a rectangle light to be vertical, but every time I place one I have to rotate it 270 to make it flat to the horizon (like a ceiling light).

A default position choice would be nice if you don’t think it should always be flat like a plane like I do.

Also, it seems your default startup position is 45 degrees off. When you start the app and place a new plane on the screen, my view is always 45 degrees rotated.

The plane isn’t rotated, the Perspective’s camera view looks like this:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add a plane.

This is what the ViewPort looks like.

I would expect it to look like this when added:

This will save having to position the new plane into view every time.


Thank you for the request, @DataJuggler. I submitted it to the development team!

(An internal development ticket was created for this post: OM-49825: Change Rectangle Light Default to 270 Degrees Rotate X)