Manually setting orientation (angles) in Isaac Sim


I recently started using the new version of Isaac Sim (2022.2.0) and noticed that there seems to be an issue with setting the angles of a mesh/prim when manually entering them in the Orientation/Rotation fields. (So far, I only experienced this when it is in Euler notation: X,Y,Z).

I noticed two issues:

  1. When I manually enter an angle in the field and hit Enter, no change is seen in the viewport even though the field contains the value. Also, on switching to a different prim and then switching back, the value in the field resets to what it was before (obviously with no change in the viewport).

Note: The only way I was able to set my own values in the fields was after first using the hot key E to manually rotate the prim slightly, after which I was able to enter my own values in the field.

  1. Sometimes when I am entering an angle, it sets the value of all the fields to arbitrary values, thereby disabling the user from being able to change the rotation one axis at a time. I observed this in particular when I was adjusting the rotation of the camera.

Note: In this case, I wasn’t able to adjust the orientation of the camera to my needs.

(I created a camera that had a default orientation of (90, 90, 0). I then entered 45 in the X field, and when I hit Enter, the values changed as can be seen below:)

From having used Omniverse (Create) in the past, I know this is not the default behaviour. From what I understand from colleagues, this wasn’t the case in the older version of isaac sim either. Could I be doing something wrong/not adjusting settings beforehand, or could this be a bug?

I also noticed this and the work around I came up with was to add a rotation transform op to the prim. I then right click on the orientation transform and disable it. Then using the new rotation transform field I rotate it using either by entering values or by directly rotating.

I am also keen to know why the orient seems to be wacky.


Perfect, thanks! Pretty convenient once it’s added as an attribute!