Can't properly rotate object from Isaac GUI

I’m trying to simply rotate a plane from the GUI using Transform in the Property panel. I can’t rotate it correctly since strange behaviors appear. I attach a video recording to better explain the problem I’m facing.


I have the same problem of not being able to prompt values in the rotation boxes in Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 (Win).
This behaviour is not present in Create 2022.3.3(Win) and Code 2022.3.1(Win).

Hi @federico.domeniconi. For some reason, your “Default Transform Op Type” must be Scale, Orient, Translate. Orient is a quaternion. You were probably expecting “Scale, Rotate, Translate” which uses Euler angles.

Check with the team to see if that default is correct.


Isaac Sim team confirm that that is the correct preference default for Isaac Sim.

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