Change the coordinate in Isaac SIm

I am facing a problem with coordinates, because the rules used to transfer euler to quaternion is quiet different in Sim and Gym.

In sim, we do the transfer based on xyz as shown in figure below:

But in sim, according to the examples given, is based on zyx, as shown in the formula:
“qua= gymapi.Quat.from_euler_zyx(10,0,0)”.

Now I would like to use both Sim and Gym, I would like to find a good parameter in Sim and use the euler angle in gym directly. But according to the different rules, the good parameters cannot be used in Gym.

I would like to ask if there is any possible way, I can change the coordinates and the transfer rule to the same one in gym?

Many thanks in advance!

@jianlin_wang_lynn as you have already mentioned about the convention difference, it can also be confirmed by the docs:

this thread (and the embedded thread within) may offer some ways to switch the transform op from TRS (transform, rotation, scale) to orient:

perhaps changing Isaac Sim’s stage preferences is the least intrusive way moving forward (on a new scene), but you could go about through APIs:

@Simplychenable, thank you so much for your reply and suggestions. The problem is solved, I rearrange everything in Gym environment.

The solutions mentioned by you are useful, thanks bro!


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