How to convert Euler angles to quaternions

I’m very sorry, I have encountered many doubts while using Isaacsim. So I turned to everyone for help

beda_translate =(beda_xform.GetAttribute(“xformOp:translate”).Get())

I have two questions:

The first question is: I have a scenario where I don’t understand why I can only get xformOp: rotateXYZ, and I can’t get orientation. When I obtained xformOp: orientation, it was “None”.
But some of the rotation information in xforms is orientation, while others are rotation. I don’t understand why this situation occurs.

The second question is: how to convert between rotateXYZ and orientation.

@Julie_A there are a few ways to switch between the two through API and GUI. take a look at the thread(s) here and see if they are relevant to your question:

via GUI, you can configure your preferences so new files start with specific default transform op type for new files or alter the prim’s attribute if you’d like. just be aware they are additive to one another if you choose to append rather than replacing orientation altogether:


in the above clip, i replaced orient by deleting the attribute first followed by adding translate, orient, scale. if you’d like to append, you could simply add the rotation transform op attribute.

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