Isaac Sim Euler Angle Coupling


I am following the tutorials for Isaac Sim, GUI Tutorial > 2. Add Camera and Sensors. I found that when I try to set the Euler angles of the camera, as shown in step 2.3.5, the angles change on me. I start with the angle at X=90, Y=90, Z=0 when I create the camera. If I set X=0, the angles change to X=36.206, Y=65.6, Z = 36.206. I cannot seem to set it as they show in the tutorial.

This coupling doesn’t appear to happen when I manually change the angle on the camera object within the viewport, but I cannot set it exactly to X=0, Y=-80, Z=-90.


I also meet this issue. My solution is to use offset mode.

“To enter Offset Mode, use the Offset icon in the top right corner of the Transform group.”
Property Panel — Omniverse Create documentation (

I also hope someone can fix the angle coupling issue.

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Thank you that worked! As long as you keep track of what changes you made, the angles come out to what I want it to be.

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