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I created an account for Deep Learning Institute. It was originally just going to be for personal use, and I used a funnick. But, I may actually now use it for work. Can I change the username? The name and email address are fine. I have completed a course on there, so don’t want to create a new account.



Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! I believe you can change your name in the DLI dashboard.

Thanks, @TomNVIDIA, for your quick response. Would you be able to show me where?

Note: I can change my name there, but that’s fine (as above); I don’t see how to change my username.

I’m not sure exactly where the username shows up, but one place is the bottom of the Certificates page on the dashboard.

I could only add one image to my previous post. Here’s the bottom of my certificate.

Hi @Sam.OT,

Sorry, I don’t have access to the UI.

@tdahlin, Can you please asnwer this question?

No worries. Thanks for the suggestion, and for tagging an appropriate person. I’m in no hurry 🙂

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Unfortunately, usernames cannot be changed on an account once it has been created.

That’s unfortunate. In which places is my username shown publicly?

Can I create a new account and transfer the previous certificate across? It’s just the one.


The username is not shown publicly anywhere. The only place that it is displayed is in the URL bar when you look at your account, but this page is not public. Although we can transfer enrollments and certificates from one account to another, it’s a complicated process reserved for special cases, so we will not be able to just for a username change.

Thanks for getting back to me, @tdahlin, but what you said isn’t quite right. It is shown on the certificate webpage:<certificate_id>/. See my previous image, copied here.

That certificate is, in turn, linked on my LinkedIn page.