Changing smp affinity to specific interrupt

I tried changing smp affinity to specfic interrupt from user space by using the following command:
echo 2 > proc/irq/357/smp_affinity
but I goth the following error
“bash: echo: write error: Input/output error”
Whwn I searched the particular irq details in /proc/interrupts. I got the following result:
357: 0 0 0 0 0 0 tegra-gpio-aon 42 Edge

Please provide details about changing the smp affinity to the particular irq No. (either from user space or using kernel module)

Sorry to tell not support to change it for GPIO interrupt.

Hi Shane,
Thanks for the reply. When I checked the smp_affinity
cat proc/irq/357/smp_affinity
The affinity is 3F but the interrupt count gets incremented only at CPU0 when I checked /proc/interrupts
357: 996 0 0 0 0 0 tegra-gpio-aon 42 Edge
Why the interrupts are not processed in other cores even though the affinity is set for all cores?. Can you please provide details?

gpio interrupt affinity can not be changed.
since gpio interrupt controller is independent. GIC is not handling

Hi Bibek,
Can you provide details on why interrupt is not processed in other cores. Whether any change need to be done in gpio driver

because the smp affinity works only to interrupts being handled by ARM GIC.
cat /proc/interrupts will show who is the parent for each of the interrutps.