Check wifi antenna hardware

I´m setting up the Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit. The cable of wifi antenna got stuck between the case and the cover for PCIe by accident, but looks ok right now.

Wifi shows all available SSIDs. Sometimes there is a check symbol behind wifi, but no internet connection. Sometimes ubuntu wants to get the password again. PW is correct. LAN Connections works fine.

Is there a possibility to check if wifi antenna hardware works fine and issue is related to wifi config or software in general?

Now wifi seems to work, but ping to router (which is next to Jetson) sometimes has 3000ms latency and sometimes packet loss 5%. Also mostly seems to work fine without packet loss.

Is there a possibility to run a hardware check on the wifi antenna?

I am afraid not. If you have another devkit, maybe you can do cross check to find out. Did you try another cable?

Is there a possibility to buy spare parts for the antenna cable? If something is damaged then 100% the cable from motherboard to wifi antenna.

You can try buying that online, we don’t have recommendation. There are two cables on devkit. Did you try swapping the two cables to validate?

Seems that it was a software issue. Update and Upgrade all packages by wired ethernet connection solved the wifi issues. Thanks for support!

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