My Jetson AGX Orin issues feedback


i will post here all the issues i have with the AGX Orin. This will prevent too many posts !

So, let’s begin.

The WIFI is very very bad. I get very weak signal and most of time, the data rate transfer is very very small, even with 2.4HGz WIFI.

I can’t connect internet with Ethernet port. This simply doesn’t work.

Sometimes, my mouse freeze for at least 20 seconds. Quite strange.

That’s all for now.

Have a nice day.


Which JetPack version you tested?
This is the Developer preview version, I will forward this info to internal team as reference.


Hello kayccc,

i suppose i have JetPack 5.0.1

I am not sure but as i made a sudo apt upgrade command, it must be the last jetpack version.

For the WIFI, it works but the signal strengh is low and many times, my bit rate is really really bad.