Checking power information when using jetson nano

Hello, I am using Jetson nano and I want to check the battery capacity when I using it. I think this task needs support from the hardware and Nvidia may provide some API to do that. So can I check this parameter? and how to check it?
Many thanks. :D

Hi hieu.phamnt39,

May I know what battery and interfaces are you using? The nano shipped out does not have battery but only AC and usb as power supply.

Hi WayneWWW, I am using a backup charger as a power supply (5V-2.5A, type which often use for cellphone), power was supplied through 5V-2A port (micro USB).

Hi hieu.phamnt39,

No, no such interface is supported for usb power bank. Do you have any platform that is able to read the power status of a usb power bank?

Hmm, I don’t have. But can I know some types of power supply (battery) which is supported by Jetson nano to read power status?

No such battery for nano. You can read the value of VDD_IN to module thru power monitor in the module. There are detail info in doc:

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