Jetson Nano 4GB - battery


I want to use my Jetson Nano 4Gb as embedded system for slam. I am therefore looking for a possibility to power it on battery. Is it possible to power the Jetson nano with an external smartphone battery through the usb port? If so, what type of power supply should I use: is 5v 3A enough?

If not, can you suggest a viable alternative?

Thanks in advance

Please refer to the user guide:

The developer kit supports USB-C power supplies of 5V ± 5%, 3A. If your phone uses a USB-C power supply, there is a chance that it is enough to power the devkit. Check its specifications.

For a list of validated power supplies, consult our Supported Components List .

If the voltage drops below 4.25V, the system will shut down.

Thank you for the fast response, I don’t have the model with USB-C but with Micro-USB and power jack, but I think it will be the same.

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