Jetson nano power requirements

I want to use jetson nano with oak-d camera
what i know is, jetson recommends using power supply of 5V/2.5A and oak-D recommend aType-C power of 1.5A or greater
can i power the camera directly from the jetson’s usb if i’m connecting it to a 5v/3A battery? if not how do i power the camera externally?

Hi, the power capability of the 5v/3A battery is not enough to that. You should choose a power supply with 2.5A + 1.5A = 4A at least.

In addition to making sure you have a 4A power supply, you should also consider an external USB hub, because the power input pins for the Jetson aren’t rated for 4A total draw. (They’ll probably work, but they may cause excessive heating or voltage sag.)

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