Nano 2GB dev kit usb3 problem

I have a problem with my 2GB kit. First, the single usb3 port only configures to high speed when it is connected to an external camera that needs super speed. The device won’t work and it generates error messages. I am using a 5V, 3A supply to power the Nano, and I assume that isn’t enough current to drive the usb3 port for my camera. I see in the 2GB user guide that it is possible to connect an external 5V supply to the 40-pin header 5V terminals (pins 2 & 4) instead of using the usb-c connector. The guide implies that each 5V pin can handle 2.5A, so does that mean I can use a 5V, 5A supply, or is there a limit as to the total current that can be applied to the board?

The power consumption depends on your use case too. You can use the power pins of 40-pin header.

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