Measure the remaining battery used from nano

Hi Team
We use power bank [o/p 5.1V/3A / 18W max]. We are looking for ways and monitor the battery in our dashboard. As we are using a power bank we are getting constant output even when the battery can last only for few minutes. Is there any direct way to measure it inside the nano without using any additional chips like INA219/INA226 ?


No, the current/power measuring is done by power monitor chips only on nano.

Hi Trumany
thank for your response. Are you hinting to use the power monitoring chip outside of nano for measurement? sorry please elaborate.

I mean there is power monitor in nano module which can monitor the 5V input. There is power monitor doc in DLC for your reference.

Hi Trumany
Apologies i can’t find the correct reference.
In DLC i can find only, can’t find references to power monitoring. are you referring to POM_5V_IN in tegrastts or jtop ?

2.4 ThermalandPowerMonitoring
The Jetson Nano is designed to operate under various workloads and environmental conditions. It has been designed so that an active or passive heat sinking solution can be attached. The module contains various methods through hardware and software to limit the internal temperature to within operating limits. See the Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide for more details.

DLC Link :

Please refer to the power monitor doc of TX1/TX2 (, it is same on nano.