Hardware used for Tegrastats?


I have two Jetson Nano for an embedded application. During some power consumption tests with a lab power supply, I noticed that the values of POM_5V_IN are quite different from the power consumption values that we can calculate by reading the current and voltage values on the lab power supply. The values of POM_5V_IN are always smaller (or equal) than the power calculations from the lab power supply.

Could you provide me with some information on how and where tegrastats actually measures/calculates the power consumption, both on the hardware and software side ?

Also, it was mentioned in another thread that “POM_5V_IN measures the overall 5V input to the board, it represents the total power consumption”, do you know where the measurements is actually taken (in the barrel jack and there is no components that can consumes power between the board input and the power measure, or the measure is integrated in a chip and there are some components in the electrical chain before)




Hi, that’s for 5v of module only, for more info of power monitor you can read this doc: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-tx2-voltage-current-config