Tegrastats doesn't display power usage for the Jetson nano 2g,


I have been trying to measure power usage for the Jetson nano 2G.
But when I run “sudo tegrastats” no information regarding power usage is display.

Is it possible that this is not available for the Jetson nano with 2G of ram.
And if so, what could be an alternative to measure power usage in the Jetson nano 2G.


Hi edwarduw,

The tegrastats doesn’t display power usage for Jetson Nano 2GB since Jetson Nano 2GB does not have an INA3221 power monitor, and it’s not supported to do power measurement.
The tegrastats supported on Jetson Nano.

Perhaps we can just check power in-line with an external probe.
Where would we want to check to ensure we are getting proper watts/amps/volts to individual high power circuits to double check that we are indeed powering our boards with sufficient power?