Checking the GPU utilization with DRIVE AGX

Hi, i want a nvidia-smi kind tool for checking the GPU usage for both dGPU and iGPU on DRIVE AGX. I am aware of tegrastats, but the information it produces is not intuitive at all. This is what i get when i run tegrastats

RAM 1592/24762MB (lfb 5604x4MB) CPU [15%,14%,18%,19%,13%,14%,14%,11%] EMC_FREQ @2133 GR3D_FREQ @1185 APE 245 MTS fg 0% bg 1% AO@32.5C GPU@34C Tj@53.5C AUX@34C CPU@34C Tdiode@32.25C

Dear dhingratul,

We will fix this symptom in next SW release. Thanks.

Is there a timeline on that? Is there a workaround in the meanwhile?

Dear dhingratul,

We plan to release a new SW in December. Thanks.