Clarify Jetson AGX Orin i2c interfaces

Hi all,

I’m currently using a video decoder ISL79987 connected to the Jetson AGX Orin through the MIPI CIS 2 interface and I2C2 port, for this latter we’re using a custom MIPI adapter board.

The I2C connections between ISL79987 and Jetson board are

I2C2 DAT and I2C2 CLK

In the Jetson AGX Orin hardware documentation, we 3 I2C ports :

  • I2C2
  • I2C3
  • I2C5

The ISL79987 decoder is detected in the i2c-1 bus.

Can you please clarify what’s the difference between the 9 i2c ports (example : gen1_i2c, cam_i2c) ?

Why in the jetson there is 9 i2c ports configured in the device tree and in the hardware design there is only 3 i2c ports ?

Thank you for the clarifications

hello chakibdace,

please refer to Orin TRM, and check [I2C Controller (I2C)] chapter for Table-1.1 for reference, it’s in page-6862.

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