Clone Jetson Xavier nx sd card


I want to clone the Jetson Xavier NX sd card and insert it on a different device. Is it possible?
I followed these steps Clone SD Card - Jetson Nano and Xavier NX - JetsonHacks but it seems to work only as a backup and would not work on a different device.

Is it possible to use L4T tools ( to make a new image file?

I appreciate it if you help me with this issue.
Many thanks.

if it is not eMMC, but sdcard/microsdcard, it could be duped [ diskduped]/cloned with dd at some third party computer with 2 sdcard slots

Hi Andrey,
Thanks for your response,
So I can use dd for cloning micro sd card and insert it on different devices, right?

It was tested to work in such scenario’
It might not fit for production due to security concerns, but for tesing it works well

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what is type, it fit production scenario jetson xavier nx?

production NX modules have eMMC
production approach would be to do offline cloning rather than online cloning from running OS, in my opinion