CloudXR becoming uninstalled from SteamVR after reboot

We’re using AWS g4dn instances to run CloudXR 3.2 servers on.

At some point, literally all of them had the same issue: CloudXR is NOT listed as a SteamVR add-on.

So, this doesn’t seem to an individual machine’s configuration issue. I assume some update (maybe a Steam update) broke something.

I’ve fully uninstalled Steam and SteamVR and have the same issue. Only Gamepad Support is shown as an add-on in Steam once the computer is rebooted.

At that point, reinstalling CloudXR 3.2 does not add the addon back in, even temporarily.

It’s frustrating, because I’m not sure where SteamVR gets its information about which addons to load.

Has anyone here seen this?

I’ve passed this post along and will see if we can get an answer. I thought there was a particular config/image with CXR preinstalled, but I admit I’m far removed from the team that interfaces with the cloud service providers. :)

Interesting – I’ll try to replicate what you’re reporting and see if I experience the same. Are you using the marketplace image AMI or building it on your own? What version of SteamVR are you also running?