Issue with CloudXR SDK and SteamVR

Our goal is to publish a CloudXR app on AWS and on Azure . To do that we use the provided AMI on AWS and the image on Azure. We are following the provided documentation (.pdf) to install additional tools on Azure such as NVIDIA-CloudXR-SDK-1.1 .
We noticed that the CloudXR-SDK adds an Add-On to SteamVR.

As soon as we installed all required tools we created a specialized managed image on Azure to deploy it on multiple machines . We noticed that after the new image is deployed on a machine the CloudXRRemoteHMD Add-On disappears even if the sdk-files are still existing on the new machine.

Please also note that we experience this issue only on Azure. AWS works fine.

  1. How can we persist the Add-On properly?
  2. How can we add the Add-On if it disappeared?