CloudXR CSV log file missing

To get aditionnal infos on CloudXR running on a VM I created the CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt with the following :
-s -v -t -tle -p -tqs.
My understanding was that by adding the -tqs I would get a .csv file in C:\Users*user-name*\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\CloudXR\logs but I cannot find it anywhere. What am i doing wrong?

first, just to make sure, that period at the end was just typed in here, not in the text file? I don’t think it should impact the parsing, but would need to review.

second, have you tried using -tqs WITHOUT -t or -tle? I honestly don’t know if I’ve done them combined.

And third, yes, the normal logs output directory is where you should find “CloudXR Client QoS Log [timestamp].csv”. if you’re not seeing the standard logs in that folder, you’re in the wrong folder.

Beyond that, I’m really not sure. I just did a test run of the windows client with -s * -w -tqs, and got a csv file alongside the CloudXR Client Log and Streamer Client Log files.

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