CMake & Ant Native Library Dependencies

Is it, or will it be possible to specify value of Ant Build -> Native Library Dependencies / Native Library Directories when generating NSight Tegra project from CMake? Because .so files on which the project depends, are not copied inside APK otherwise. I think there may even be no need to specify this value manually, but just add all .so files from Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies here.

It is not yet possible, but we’re planning on adding a much more mature Nsight Tegra support to CMake in the foreseeable future. Your case will be taken into account for developing the feature list. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, I will be waiting for the new version.

The support for Native Library Dependencies / Native Library Directories (among other things) has been added to CMake some time ago:;a=commitdiff;h=8c0afaf4

This feature should be a part of the next CMake release.