Are NDK Sources used in Nsight Tegra?


I created an Nsight Project on Visual Studio and was wondering about a few things:

Built one library for armeabi, mips, … and installed it/them on the NDK.

I set the NDK path in the configuration to that NDK. But Visual Studio keeps telling me that header-files from that library cannot be found.
Is this normal because - despite being an Nsight Tegra project - it only finds included directories?
If so, what libraries *.so-files should I even add when there are versions for armeabie, mips, …
I thought the NDK would bundle this for me?`

The installation definitely works, as I can build it via ndk-build + ant debug.

Hi Lissi,

Nsight Tegra Project uses MSBuild system. You can set lib path at Project Configuration>Linker>General>Additional Library Directories and set the dependent lib at Linker>Input>Additional Dependencies.