Use the SDK installed by Android Studio (suggestion)

Will you consider adding to the installer the feature to detect and use already installed Android SDK? No need to have multiple copies.

Hi Zingam,

You can set SDK path in two ways for Nsight Tegra.

  1. Manually set “Tegra>Options>Tool Locations>Android SDK location” in Visual Studio.
  2. Set env variable “ANDROID_HOME”, then Installer will pick it up.


Thank you.
I installed Android Studio first. Maybe it didn’t set the environment variables. I see that all of them are pointing to the NV installation directory.
Maybe you can still make this more visible to first timers.

Thanks your advice,we will take it into future release.

In that regard if Android Studio comes with a newer version of NDK and SDK. Will Nsight Tegra function properly?
Lets say by default Nsight Tegra installs NDK 10e and SDK API Level 23, Java 7 but Android Studio installed: NDK 12 and SDK API Level N and Java 8?

Hi Zingam,
We can guarantee with newer version NDK and SDK, due to they are not though our testing yet.
But if you meet any issues, please feel free to let us know, We can fix them in the future release or update.