Code 43 after upgrading to 465.12


I have recently upgraded the nvidia driver to version 465.12. The installation was successful.
However, after rebooting, the GPU is no longer detected and a Code 43 error on the device manager is shown.

GPU : Geforce 1660Ti
Windows version : 20257.1

Do you have any clue about this issue ?

Thanks for your time


I can confirm this with
GeForce GTX 1060 mobile
Windows 19042.630

Work-around from another affected user: restart GPU
eg via
nvidiaInspector.exe -RestartDisplayDriver
Microsoft DevCon

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I am also having issues with 465.12 for Quadro.

Upon starting up my device, I can see an issue with my GPU driver in device manager:

And CUDA throws error 35:

I can workaround by disabling, then enabling the driver in device manager. After doing this, everything works fine (until I restart my device and have to disable/enable manually again).

I am on Windows 20262.1 (20262.fe_release.201113-1436)


Issue fixed after upgrading to 465.21 !