Code for using Omniverse Streaming Client

Hi, I’m looking to use the Omniverse Streaming Client and am trying to run in the standalone_examples to test if it works. I can see that this example is setup to use the websocket browser client rather than the streaming one but can’t find the code anywhere to convert it to use the streaming client. I know in the old version of Isaac Sim I was able to use the following commands to achieve this but can’t find an updated version anywhere in the docs:

Old Code:

ext_manager =
    omniverse_kit.set_setting("/app/window/drawMouse", True)
    omniverse_kit.set_setting("/app/livestream/proto", "ws")
    ext_manager.set_extension_enabled_immediate("omni.kit.livestream.core", True)
    ext_manager.set_extension_enabled_immediate("omni.kit.livestream.native", True)

Thank you

Hi, please take a look at the file in Isaac Sim 2022.1.0. Here’s a snippet:

# Default Livestream settings
kit.set_setting("/app/window/drawMouse", True)
kit.set_setting("/app/livestream/proto", "ws")
kit.set_setting("/app/livestream/websocket/framerate_limit", 120)
kit.set_setting("/ngx/enabled", False)

# Note: Only one livestream extension can be enabled at a time
# Enable Native Livestream extension
# Default App: Streaming Client from the Omniverse Launcher

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